Razor Sharp Perfection

A metaphor for perfection, precision and power; Razor Blades are a grooming must have. A growing majority of population associates being groomed with discipline, maturity and being a go-getter and Vertice Global is in the business of making men across the world look their very best. Conceived with the idea of delivering a range of highest quality razors that offer smoothest finish every time. The company works each day improvising, learning and perfecting the fine skill of making safety razors.

As the youngest player in the market, Vertice Global has the advantage of adapting quickly, growing fast and delivering high-quality products that meet international standards. With better machines, stable parameter control and state of the art ‘sputtering technology’, the company has become one of the most sought after names to be associated with.

Perfection in
every inch of our products

Rewarding results In
just 18 months

Travelling the road less taken has rewarding results. In just 18 months, Vertice Global has become the fastest growing company in the world catering to such a unique market. Although shaving is an everyday activity for most men, there are just handful of companies in the world and in India with Vertice Global leading the way.

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